Family Scholarship Funds
Written by waterman (11/18/02 - 12:58:45)
I think that the development of a family scholarship is very important in this day and age.  There are too many of our family members with skills and god-given talent that are not able to attend schools because they do not have enough money in the household.  We need to make this happen!!!  It's a great cause and is the forum to make it happen.  I think we first need to start the discussion.  From there get some interested people that want to build the committee.  Let's ensure OUR family makes it to the next millenium from an educational standpoint.   Now that we have the ability and forum to do something like this it must occur.  We need to get our family in order because our family is all we have when it seems like we have nothing.  Now we have the forum to express our ideas!!!  I call on everyone to participate and tell people about  Now we have the forum.  Let's make it happen.


Lawren (aka: waterman)

Re: Family Scholarship Funds
Written by dorian (01/06/03 - 14:01:31)
in addition...the family as a whole would be more involved in fostering and motivating our wouldn't just be mommy and daddy the child(ren) a sense of pride and importance. Asians as well as other cultures have done it for years.It's unfortunate that because the way that our society has developed that we've lost that sense of duty to our families.

Re: Family Scholarship Funds
Written by waterman (01/06/03 - 14:08:47)
I feel the same way.  However, we need to get some type of structure and establish some committies.  I'm sure this will be a great opporunity for all the youths.  Our family is so extended.

Of course I do not want to head the committee but would like to be on one of them.  It was just an idea.  But, I can put some energy into it without a problem.  I also think that we need some structure and the establishment of a treasury.

Let me know your thoughts.  "SignPostHillians".



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